Skitag winter 2017/2018



Minutes of ski & snowboard


Ski & snowboard downhills


Ski & snowboard


skitagX ranking 2017/2018

Ski time

only ski | snowboard time

  • Mike (staff): 378 min (ski)
  • Eugenio M.: 154 min (snowboard)
  • Ibon B.: 122 min
  • María L.: 92 min

Ski style

efficient ≈ 0.5

  • Javier Z. (ski): 0.50 (efficient)
  • Bruno (snowboard): 0.50 (efficient)
  • Adrián A.: 0.58 (racing)
  • Ibon B.: 0.57 (racing)

Ski balance

best balance ≈ 0.50

  • Ibon B.: 0.51
  • Adrián A.: 0.39
  • Ana M.: 0.63

Ski path and shape

best ski | snowboard path ≈ 1

  • Eugenio M. (snowboard): 0.94
  • Álex (snowboard): 1.10
  • Ibon B. (ski): 0.87

Skitag charts

Total ski time

Downhill ski time:

Carving time balance

[carv time left | carv time right]

Total ski carving time balance

Downhill carving time balance:

Acceleration Rate

[time acceleration while carving / time deceleration]

Total ski acceleration rate

Downhill ski acceleration rate:

Gyro Path & Shape

Carving sim [optimal vs real]

Total Ski Path similarity

Downhill turns:

Turns shape [short: | long:]


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Special thanks to Asier, Esteban S. and Alber M. for becoming our very first algorithm trainers.

Thanks Eugenio & Maria for so many tries. Thanks Ibon for your scientist approach. Thanks Adrian for continuing Alber M. training program. Thanks Alex for your advise on ski boards and thanks for bringing Bruno in to our program and thank you both for your snowboard training. Thank you Ana and Javier for your interest in this project.

Alber M.

45 minutes of ski in Formigal; December 2017

Eugenio M.

154 minutes of snowboard; Formigal (January 2018); Val Thorens (February 2018); Avoriaz (March 2018).

Adrián A.

7 downhills of ski; Formigal; March 2018.

María L.

92 minutes of ski; Candanchú; March 2018.


9 downhills; snowboard; Formigal; April 2018.


122 minutes of ski; Astún; April 2018.


378 minutes of ski; Formigal; March and April 2018.

Javier Z.

22 minutes of ski; Candanchú; March 2018.

Ana M.

23 minutes of ski; Candanchú; March 2018.


1 downhill; snowboard; Formigal; April 2018.

Esteban S.

430 minutes of ski in Candanchú; April 2017


30 minutes of ski in Candanchú; February 2017

Skitag App 2017 Screenshots

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