Skitag IMU device user experience support and FAQ

Skitag IMU device position

Place it at the beginning of your ski bindings (RIGHT ski). "Skitag & Surftag" text facing up.

Skitag IMU device pairing, battery and start/stop recording


Turn your App on. Start your Skitag Session. Shake your Skitag IMU device to turn it on. The Skitag IMU device is paired if you see the Skitag IMU indicator value changing right or left while you are moving the device.

Battery level (%)

This information is approximate because coin cell (CR2032) battery charge status is not accurate and it may be influenced by extreme below zero temperatures. We recommend to change the battery when it’s below 30%.

Extreme below zero temperatures may reduce the battery life. Our trainers reports that the CR2032 battery may lasts functioning in good conditions two to three weekends.

Start recording Skitag data

Press the START button once. The Skitag App will start recording your GPS track and the Skitag IMU device movements (i.e. Right or Left, if it's connected). You'll see the stopwatch timing your ski session.

Stop recording Skitag data

Press the STOP button once. Skitag App saves your GPS track and Skitag IMU device movements. Downhills metrics will be available in the Downhills screen.

Skitag predictive carving.

Set your Skitag predictive alerts to let Skitag send you a sound and vibration alarm to alert you about your carving performance while you are skiing.

iOS: Go to Skitag Preferences screen and choose which alert you want to experience: Optimal, Above and/or Below.

Android: Go to settings menu. Choose Skitag Preferences and choose which alert you want to experience: Optimal, Above and/or Below.

Skitag IMU device troubleshooting

Skitag IMU device is not paired.

Make sure your Smartphone or Smartwatch Bluetooth is on. Shake your Skitag IMU device to turn it on. Check the battery status and change it if it's lower than 30%. Make sure the Skitag IMU device is not already paired to another devices located nearby.

Apple Watch is not sending the data to the iPhone

Some users reported that sometimes the Apple Watch is not able to send the data to their paired iPhone. This is a communication issue between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. There is nothing wrong with your App. Most of the time this issue is solved making a few tries until the task is done.

Whatch your Skitag data

Press the Downhills button, then select the file (sorted by date and hour) you would like to watch.

Android: you'll be asked if you want to Delete or Watch the content of the file. Choose WATCH to see your Skitag data or choose DELETE if you want to permanently delete your Downhill data.

iOS: To delete your Downhill data you must swipe to the left the downhill row.

Share your Skitag data

iOS: Go to Skitag Preferences screen. Then go to Share skitag data and choose the Skitag data file you want to share with Skitag/Situalab.

Android:Go to settings menu. Choose Share Skitag data and choose the file you want to share with Skitag/Situalab.

Skitag data files troubleshooting

You don’t see your last Skitag file

Skitag App did not recorded any data. That means that your Skitag App has no acces to your GPS location.

You see your last Downhill GPS information (chrono, distance, elevation and speed) but your Skitag IMU device information is empty (ski style, ski balance and carving).

You don't have the Skitag IMU device or there is not enough ski data to populate the charts, i.e. the downhill is too short or your turns and ski time is too sparse.

Contact Skitag

Hey! Skier in winter and surfer in summer! Do you want to know more about Skitag and Surftag? Get in touch if you want to know more about the algorithms behind the skitag experience. Send us an e-mail if you want to become a trainer and test the Skitag IMU device. Or just tell us your feelings about this project.

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