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December, 2023

I like your CARBIO

A tale about Digital Assets

As I awaken, my gaze settles on the watch — it’s 6 AM. A deep sense of rest engulfs me, the silence profound, almost as if the overnight snow has absorbed all sound. Peering out, I’m greeted by a pristine blanket of freshly fallen snow, promising an exhilarating day of skiing. Quickly, I ready myself for an early breakfast, eager to be first in line for the chairlift.

Ascending the mountain, the quiet among my friends is palpable, each lost in thought, accompanied by the gentle hum of the chairlift and the whisper of a crisp, icy breeze. Down below, a lone figure carves a solitary path through the snow, an early riser making the most of the day. The sight of their expertly crafted lines through the untouched powder fills us with anticipation. A smooth, efficient, and beautiful carving.

“I wish I could have its CARBIO”, I said to my friends. They all agreed. White helmet, blue ski goggles, orange jacket, and dark blue pants. Recognizing a fellow early adopter of Skitag, we resolve to connect, hoping to exchange our experiences and perhaps share in some of our DOWNHILL journeys. We know that, as early Skitag adopters, we are likely to openly share our carving data.

After several thrilling runs, it’s time to refuel. Our conversation is abuzz with our carving techniques and biometric stats, when suddenly, our subject of admiration appears. Seizing the moment, we approach and soon, through a seamless exchange facilitated by QR codes, we’ve gained new insights, techniques, and a shared bond over spectacular DOWNHILL runs.

Reflecting on our experience, we unanimously appreciate the serendipity of meeting another Skitag enthusiast. The ease of sharing experiences, the excitement of new challenges, and the camaraderie formed are all part of the Skitag experience. Amidst laughter and fellowship, we ponder the potential of integrating these experiences into a Digital Wallet, possibly even as NFTs, as suggested by the more tech-savvy among us.

We're intrigued by the prospect of owning and trading these digital assets, expanding the potential for engagement and rewards. As we conclude our ski day, the concept of digital assets takes on a broader significance. We realize that these digital representations of our experiences, skills, and creations could become ubiquitous in the future, unlocking new avenues for ownership, sharing, and monetization.

Digital Assets

This narrative aims to illustrate the pervasiveness of digital assets in the near future. The CARBIO and DOWNHILLs captured on our smartphones are more than mere data; they are digital assets created at the edge of technology, embodying Edge Computing, Customizable AI, and Digital Assets. Most crucially, they are ours to own, share, and even trade, complete with inherent value and rights.

The year 2024 holds the promise of a trustworthy, interoperable, and widely adopted digital wallet ecosystem, enabling the seamless exchange of digital assets like CARBIOs. Web3, NFTs, digital wallets, and W3C Verifiable Credentials are poised to revolutionize the way we interact with and value our digital experiences.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to embrace the potential of digital assets. Download Skitag, start capturing and sharing your CARBIOs and DOWNHILLs, and embark on a journey of redefining ownership, sharing, and monetization. Let's make the most of this exciting new era of digital assets and enjoy the ride!


Written by Skitag AI staff [Mike]. Enhanced using a paid version of GPT4 and Bard [Experiment].


GPT4: In enhancing the text, I focused on maintaining the narrative’s spirit, clarifying intentions, and ensuring the language flows naturally for an English-speaking audience.

BARD: The text in this paper was enhanced by Bard, a large language model from Google AI. Bard was used to enhance a provided text. For more information about Bard, please see https://bard.google.com/faq

I like your CARBIO

A storytelling about Digital Assets

I open my eyes and take a look at my watch. It’s 6 AM in the morning. I feel rested. It is so silent. It feels like the outer noise is being muffled by the snow. Probably snowed all night. Yeah! I see it! Brand new white, shiny, and freshly fallen white snow. It’s going to be a great ski day. Early breakfast and up to be at the forefront of the line for the chairlift.

Going uphill. My friends are quiet. We are all with our thoughts, listening to the smooth noise of the chairlift and the sound of a soft but icy breeze. Look there! Someone is already going downhill. An even earlier lucky bird as we are. Is coming alone. What a great carving it is performing. You can see a perfect path painted in the fresh snow. A smooth, efficient, and beautiful carving.

I wish I could have its CARBIO, I said to my friends. They all agreed. White helmet, blue ski goggles, orange jacket, and blue pants. We’ve got it. As soon as we see it again, we’ll ask to share its CARBIO and some of its DOWNHILLs. I’m sure it will do it. Sure it’s a Skitag early adopter as we are. In the meantime, let’s do some downhills. Let’s earn our brunch!

A few DOWNILLs later it is time for a calorie recovery. We were comparing our Carving Biometrics when one of us saw the white helmet, blue ski goggles, orange jacket, and blue pants coming in. Now is our chance to get its CARBIO. Let’s ask for it. A few minutes later, and after reading its QR CARBIO pass, we all get its CARBIO and some of the most beautiful DOWNHILLs we have ever seen.

Back at our table, we all agree that we were lucky that it was also a Skitag early adopter. I think using Skitag is a great experience. We all have a new CARBIO to test, a few perfect DOWNHILLs to compare with, and a new friend as well. And it is very easy to share our experience. We should get a profit for it, suggested the entrepreneur among us. For sure, we all agreed. And we should also ask Skitag to bring it to a Digital Wallet as well, and make it an NFT, said the techy one. We all laugh.

Digital Assets

This storytelling intention is to show how ubiquitous digital assets will be in the future. The CARBIO and the DOWNHILLs generated in your smartphone are digital assets built at the edge. In more “techy” words, it is Edge Computing together with Customisable AI, and Digital Assets. And probably the most important of all, it is yours. You own it, and you can share it with anyone you want. As a Digital Asset, you have some rights on it, it has a value, and therefore, it can be traded.

What is missing in this story? 2024 will be the year where this storytelling introduces a trustworthy, interoperable, and widely adopted digital wallet in its argument. The technology is there. Web3, NFTs, Digital Wallets, W3C Verifiable Credentials, among others, already exist. There are some projects moving on. This will be the year where this technology will rise. Sure it will. In the meantime, download Skitag, start playing with Digital Assets, and have a nice ski season! Enjoy it!