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Looking for new problems to solve.

[blog] Augmented Capabilities with AI

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General overview of the definition of an AI System, an AI Lifecycle, what are the key stakeholders doing in terms of Ethics Guidelines and Regulation. Definition and scope of Narrow AI, Generative AI, and General Purpose AI. What are the key issues in relation to next generation of AI: Content Provenance, and Superalignment.

[blog] Augmented capabilities with AI
[blog] GenAI for GRC
[blog] Gen AI Ethics and Regulations

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Quantum Machine Learning


High-level overview of the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) of Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning. The inception.

[blog] Quantum Machine Learning, 2023-08

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Customizable AI


Skiing, Snowboarding, Freestyle, etc. Skitag App implements on-device data collection, data processing, data labeling, ML engine training from scratch and updating. Your Data. Your Asset. Your AI.

[blog] The economic value of Customizable AI (Skitag) explained, 2023-07

[blog] I like your CARBIO, 2023-12

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Real-time predictions


Can a smartwatch implement AI in real-time? Can it detect and classify movements? We built the Surftag App to prove it in an Apple Watch. We decided that surfing could be the best scenario for testing it. A smartwatch is easier to wear than a mobile, and cool enough to try.

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Data Augmentation


How can we manage to improve Skitag’s downhills detection algorithm while there is no snow? Another hemisphere? North Pole? Bike downhills? We built an App that collects data from bike downhills to test the behavior of the ML engines used to detect the ski downhills. We also learned how to improve the User Experience.

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Early detection and diagnosis


Use ECG signal for arrhythmia detection, Genomic RNA-Seq for colorectal cancer early prediction, Raman Spectroscopy for early diagnosis of Alzheimer, or patient profiling to enhance and customize cancer treatment prescriptions (pharmacokinetics).

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Augmented HUMINT


HUMINT has limitations to process unstructured data and a huge amount of new data available every second. AI could be a solution. We built an AI engine that collects data from Twitter / Facebook, built a bag of words, finds relationships between entities, and detects the main conversation. It is independent of the language.