Last SKITAG SUMMER CAMP was awasome! The Smart Watch became the essence of the Skitag , Surftag and Biketag experience and a new Skitag IMU device concept is coming soon!


Skitag App screenshot

Augmented Ski Experience. Predictive Carving alerts while your are skiing. Know about your Ski Style and Ski Balance

New Skitag App coming soon!


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Skier in winter. Surfer in Summer. The Surftag project is aimed to improve the Skitag IMU device concept.


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The Biketag project tests and helps to improve the Skitag's AI algorithms to measure your downhills metrics.

Skitag, Surftag and Biketag Apps

Designed to be simple, friendly and ease to use. No user nor password. Just download your favourite App and start enjoying it immediately.
System requirements: iOS13 - watchOS6 - Android 8.0 Oreo (API level 26)


Learn about your ski or snowboard skills while you are enjoying your favourite sport. Share and compare your improvements with your friends. Be part of the Skitag collective intelligence community (skitagCI). Interact with your colleagues to come up with better (smarter) ski or snowboard reference patterns. Cluster your ski stats under different snow or downhill conditions.

Skitag App screenshot

About Skitag

Created by situalab

Skitag has deep learning algorithms inside. It learns patterns describing your ski or snowboard movements. Then, it takes advantage of the collective intelligence of skitag users to learn useful information about efficiency, balance and the path and shape of Skitag users.

To feel the skitag experience you need a smartphone with GPS and an IMU (movement sensor; i.e. accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) device connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone. The GPS will show your speed, distance and elevation, while the IMU device will show your ski style, ski balance, and carving path and shape.

Get Skitag IMU device

Skitag App screenshot

Skitag Experience

Step 1. Attach an IMU device to your ski or snowboard;
Step 2. Pair your IMU device to your mobile App via Bluetooth (BLE);
Step 3. Allow Skitag to acces your location (GPS).
Step 4. Record your movements.
Step 5. Stop skiing and stop recording. That’s it.
The Skitag App will automatically cluster each of your downhills and tell you about your ski style.

Ski style Ski style

Is your ski smooth or is it more ‘drifting’?

Ski balance Ski balance

Do you feel more confortable carving right or carving left?

Predictive CarvingCarving

Foresee the future. Skitag will alert you whether you are below, above or close to your optimal path. What’s an optimal path?

Skitag App screenshot

Time and distance Chrono Distance

How much time and distance did you take to complete a downhill?

Elevation Elevation

How much elevation did you lost while going downhill?

Speed Speed

How fast was your downhill? Know your average speed and your maximum speed.

Surftag Experience

So far the Surftag algorithms detects surfed waves, attempts to catch a wave, positioning, line up and paddling. As long as we collect enough data from Skitag IMU devices fixed to a surf board we'll be able to detect most common surf, kitesurf or windsurf movements in a board.

Step 1. Attach an IMU device to your surf, kite or windsurf board;
Step 2. Pair your IMU device to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth (BLE);
Step 3. Allow Surftag to acces your location (GPS).
Step 4. Record your movements.
Step 5. Stop surfing and stop recording. That’s it.
The Surftag App will detect your surfing stats and movements.


How many waves? How many meters surfing a wave?


How many attempts? How many meters attempting to catch a wave or moving away to let a wave pass?


How many meters paddled back to line up?

Skitag App screenshot

Time and distance Chrono Distance

How much time and distance did you spent on the water?

Average Speed

How fast was your surfing today?


Can you see a pattern in today's surfing session?

Skitag CI

The skitag collective intelligence community is an initiative to seize the potential of individuals mutually interacting in a community to come up with smarter decisions. In this context individuals learns patterns from what they think is a good reference and imitate their behaviour to improve their outcome. They get smarter. They become better skiers!

Moreover, the ski or snowboard community will have access to a huge database of reference patterns that can be exploited by professionals and trainers. For a better understanding of what does collective intelligence means please visit the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and take a look at their ‘Handbook of Collective Intelligence’ edited by Thomas W. Malone and Michael S. Bernstein.

At the moment this initiative is a prospect that will be fulfilled as soon as the community of Skitag users grows.

Skitag IMU device

The new Skitag IMU device is almost there!

It now has a rounded shape inspired on our last summer surf experience. It has no button on it. Just skake it up to wake it up!

The first Skitag IMU device edition will be exclusive to those EARLY ADOPTERS skiers and surfers that wants to augment their favourite sport experience.

There will be just a few hundreds available on January 2020. Soon we'll tell you how to pre-order yours.

Contact Skitag

Get in touch if you want to know more about the algorithms behind the skitag experience. Send us an e-mail if you want to become a trainer and test the Skitag IMU device. Or just tell us your feelings about this project.

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