Your data, your AI, your asset. Teach your customizable AI (CARBIO) to measure your Carving Style Ski style, Speed Ski balance and Path Carving.

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Carving Biometrics - Skitag APP
Augmented Experience - Skitag APP


Take a look at your Carving Style Ski style. Is it efficient? Do you drift while turning left or right? Is your Carving Speed Ski balance the same while turning left or right?

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Multidevice Skitag APP


Start recording. Carry your iPhone in your ski pants. Always in the same position.
Multidevice Skitag APP


Record at least 6 downhills. Take a look at your ski path and use the dataset view to select your turns. Train your first customizable AI engine (CARBIO).
Multidevice Skitag APP


Repeat step 1. You'll have access to all your carving biometrics: Style Ski style, Speed Ski balance and Path Carving. Enjoy it!


Record and watch your Carving Biometrics in your iPhone. Train your customizable AI in your iPad if you prefer a bigger screen. Or do it all from your iPhone while you are going uphill sitting in a chairlift making time until your next downhill. Keep calm and Skitag everywhere!

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Multidevice Skitag APP

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Get unlimited access to your customizable AI Engine (CARBIO). Skitag AI Systems guarantee that you’ll be able to surpass a CARBIO accuracy of 90%.

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Carving Biometrics - Skitag APP


No, you do not need to SIGN UP to Skitag in any way. You only have to have your iCloud account SIGNED ON to be able to sync your data throughout your devices.

There are two types of data within the Skitag ecosystem. On one hand, there is data related to your SKI SESSION: distance, speed, elevation and latitude and longitude location. On the other hand, there is the data related to your CARVING BIOMETRICS obtained from the on-device accelerometer and gyroscope. That information is transformed into ski efficiency, ski balance and ski path.

You are the only owner of the data. Skitag does not have access to it.

The data is stored locally on the device that collects it (your iPhone). The data is then synced between the other devices associated with your iCloud ID. No one else but you will have access to your information.

Skitag has two AI engines inside. One that measures your SKI SESSION. This is one is free of charge. The other one measures your CARVING BIOMETRICS (CARBIO). This is a non-consumable product that has a price. You'll get unlimited access to your customizable AI Engine once you pay for it. Skitag AI Systems guarantee that you’ll be able to surpass a CARBIO accuracy of 90%. Note: You'll have unlimited access while your CARBIO accuracy is below 90% and above 85%, or you'll have free access to your first five downhills recorder while having a CARBIO with an accuracy above 90%. Then, you must buy a CARBIO to visualize your next downhills and carving biometrics.

Yes. Unfortunately, so far this Skitag App 2023 version is only available on iOS. Sorry about that to all the Android users. Nevertheless, we foresee a future in the short term where the Skitag App will also be available in Android devices. Be patient! It won’t take long. Thanks for your understanding.

Step 1: Download the Skitag App from the App Store. No user nor password needed.

Step 2: Go to your favorite Ski Resort. Get ready to start enjoying an augmented ski experience. Open the Skitag App. Press the start button. A stopwatch will start to count your ski session timing. It means the device is now recording. Wear your mobile in a place that is comfortable and stable (e.g. in your trousers pocket). Using mobile protection cases might keep the device more stable and protected in case of crash.

Step 3: Record your first FOUR downhills. It is the minimum quantity of information that the Skitag AI System needs to build your customized AI engine.

Step 4: Go to the DATASETS screen. Choose one of the available datasets listed. Tap the screen to change between Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Pick the one that better shows your carving path. Usually, the Yaw is the one that better represents your carving path. Label your carving by pressing the screen and hold to mark the area you would like to use to teach your AI system. It is important to select data of quality; i.e. make sure it is representative of what you want to teach your AI to identify and it looks like a wave signal. If there is an area that is too noisy (i.e. interference/irregular wave)? Do not select that area or discard the dataset in case it has too much noise. Finally, press the upload button located in the center of the screen (Square And Arrow Up) to use this data. The screen will be automatically closed. That input data will disappear from the list of available datasets. Repeat this process until you have at least four or more labeled datasets.

Step 5: Go back to the Home Screen. Press into the CARBIO accuracy indicator to open the Skitag AI System builder. If you have labeled at least 4 DOWNHILLS there is a button (plus) in the bottom right corner. Press the plus button to build your own first AI engine. Remember that you need at least four labeled downhills to complete this task. Wait a few seconds. At completion, you’ll see the baseline accuracy of your CARBIO.

Step 6: On average you’ll see that your CARBIO’s accuracy is close to 65% or 80%. If you are lucky, or your carving data is perfect, you could see something close to 90%.

Step 7: Record another downhill. Repeat the labeling process of Step 4, and then repeat the training process of Step 5. This time it is an update of your existing AI engine. Therefore, it should take less time to complete this task.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 until you feel comfortable with your CARBIO’s accuracy value. Usually you should need to repeat this step three to four times before getting a good enough accuracy value (i.e. above 90%).

Step 9: Record your Ski Sessions. Remember to wear your iPhone always in the same place so your AI can accurately predict your downhill movements, and remember to make sure the stopwatch is running so the Skitag App is reading and processing your CARBIO.

Step 10: It is time to enjoy your Skitag Augmented Ski Experience. Take a look at your ski metrics while you are enjoying a break, while you are having your favorite drink together with your friends, or while you are going uphill in the chairlift. Just Keep calm and Skitag everywhere!

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